I am running for Mayor to continue the promise I made seven years ago when I was sworn in as your City Councilman: to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Corning!
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Corning. Our home. 

In 2009 I moved back to Corning, my hometown. I came back home because this city has always been first in my heart. It is a special place. My call to public service, and now running for mayor, has always been about wanting to contribute to keeping our home the 'Crystal City' that it is.

Nonpartisanship at the local level

Controlling Taxes

Nonpartisanship in local elections is about putting people and ideas over party consideration. My goal is to identify and support people and ideas that will support the City of Corning. I value unity over division, conversation over conflict, and civility over cynicism. 
Keeping local property taxes to a minimum is a serious yearly challenge. With five years experience working with the city's budget, I will continue to minimize the tax increase, without sacrificing the essential services Corning's citizens want and need. 


Economic Development

Our quality of life depends on vibrant neighborhoods. As Mayor, I will continue as a leader in the revitalization of Corning's neighborhoods through the continual improvement of housing. 
The key to growing our quality of life, and stabilizing the city's taxes, is economic development. We must continue to attract new businesses and the jobs they bring, in addition to supporting and developing current jobs and employers. 

The Arts

Improving Streets

Since being elected to the City Council I have voted each year to put more spending toward improving our streets. I will continue to support street repair funding until each of the City’s streets that require it is repaved.
Corning, our Crystal City, has always been a city of art and artists. The arts not only contribute to our quality of life, but also to Corning’s reputation as a world-class destination for visitors throughout the year, and all the economic benefits this brings. 
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Bill's Story

Bill grew up in Corning and from an early age recognized and appreciated the special place that Corning is.
He is the son of Bill Boland Sr. and Audrey Boland. Bill Sr. was a long-time newspaper reporter, being the City Editor of the Corning Leader for many years. Audrey worked for Corning Glass Works for 36 years.
After serving in the military Bill entered into a business career that early on included providing data processing services to credit unions nationwide, as well as selling new state of the art computer systems to larger credit unions.
Also early on in his career, Bill moved to New York City to lead a furniture rental company that provided high-quality residential furniture to relocating international business people coming to New York without their own furniture.
Out of the furniture rental business, Bill founded a new company, Boland Corporate Housing (BCH), which offered business people coming to New York for short stays the option to stay in a full-service apartment in a residential neighborhood, as opposed to a hotel.
In 2011 Bill entered public service in Corning, winning election as the City Councilman to the city’s 4th Ward.
In January of 2014 Bill was appointed Deputy Mayor by Mayor Richard Negri, and confirmed by the City Council.  He is serving his fourth term as Deputy Mayor.

Bill currently serves on the following City of Corning committees:
  • Housing Strategy Committee – Chairman
  • Code Committee – Member
  • Economic Development Strategy Committee – Member
  • Strategic Review Executive Committee – Member
  • Public Art Committee – Chairman
Bill is an artist, having been represented by West End Gallery on Market Street. His art is expressed as pointillism, where images are made up of individual dots, or points, often expressing spiritual themes.
Bill is married to Sue Smith Boland, who he met after returning to Corning. Like Bill, Sue moved back to Corning to be in her hometown that she loves..